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Mun: Alsenei
Fandom: Tales of the Abyss
Contact: alsenei at AIM
Availability: Tues/Thu 6-12 & 17-21, Fri and Sat all day PST.
Other Characters: Kaori Iwanoki 「seiriald」, Eyes Rutherford 「bloodypocket

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♪ eleventh hymn. [Action/Voice]

[The journal had laid open in her lap for quite a while as Tear tried to put her thoughts together, as she had for the past several days when she tried to figure out the best way to go about this. It was only just now that he decided to go through with it, rather than attempting to orchestrate a formal apology; it wouldn't seem genuine if she did that, even if it was in her habit to try to be as professional as possible. Taking several slow breaths she begins, steeling herself for whatever may come her way after she finishes.]

I know it’s delayed, and I have no excuse for it, but… [Even now, she still finds herself very confused when wandering about the village sometimes, even feeling anxious once in a while, but perhaps it was to be expected; she was gone from everyone for three months, after all. Regardless of what her frame of mind was, it was no excuse to delay reaching out to those who helped her in that time.]

… to those who assisted me in the past month, and in the time before I was taken shortly after several of us were drafted to the fight the Third Party in the jungle... All of you – thank you, and I apologize for burdening you all. If ever you should need my help, please… don’t hesitate to ask me.

[With that out of the way, she moves on to the next thing on her agenda. It was something that had been on her mind for a while, and with her own recent experiences her conviction to go through with it has only grown stronger.]

Have there ever been any attempts to conduct a census of the residents of the village? While it may serve no other purpose than to keep record of who is here, perhaps it can be of other benefits in the future.

[After conversing with respondents over the topic, Tear will be spending the day walking throughout the plaza, milling around in an attempt to help re-establish a sense of normalcy and for need of something to do. Toward the afternoon she can be found in the library, a place she finds herself to always frequent regardless of what state of mind she is in.]

((ooc: replies to come in the morning when I can actually tell what the hell I am thinking and typing. |D;; ))

♪ tenth hymn. [Action/Voice]

[To say that these past weeks have been difficult would be putting it far too lightly, and placing her ongoing situation into a kinder light that hardly matched the turmoil she felt. Everyone she had spoken with had acted so strangely around her that she wasn't sure what to do or what to think, leading her to avoid speaking with anyone.

Today though, she chooses to go out and wander about the village; nothing would be gained from staying inside and avoiding this strange reality she was thrown into. Without thinking she makes her way to the bridge by C1, stopping look into the water beneath as she was left with her own thoughts. A long while passes before she finally draws out her journal with a heavy sigh, attempting a rather weak filter against her 'family' before she speaks:]

Does the term 'Luceti Valley'… mean anything to anyone?

[While she waits for the responses begin to come in, Tear tries to think of something more to say when without warning something in the water makes her start, nearly dropping the journal onto the creature smiling up at her. That unmistakable, unforgettable smile that could very well haunt her dreams to the point that all reserve is forgotten.]


((ooc: A reminder that Tear's mallynap effect is that she once again believes that she is a resident of Luceti Valley. This is a joint post with Jade, either one or both of us will respond and possibly even threadjack. For action, feel free to meet with Tear before and after the question, or spot Jade in his comfy new form. Have fun folks. :|b ))

♪ ninth hymn. [Action]

[For all its beauty and serenity, it was unfortunate that there would be the body of a young woman abandoned at the foot of grand tree left behind by Amaterasu, to the north of the village. A journal lay open at her side as her head slumped forward onto her chest, drops of what appeared to be blood splashing onto the pages as they dripped down her arm at a steady pace while she remained still, breathing far more shallow than she should be. Those who would pass by this secluded area would note the tattered white dress she was clothed in, peppered with deep red stains of various sizes around the area of her neck and upper arms, with small cuts along her fingers. Her wrists, however, were a raw, shining color, as though she had been restrained.

If Tear were awake, the deep cuts along her upper body would be the least of her worries in comparison to the nausea that will undoubtedly overtake her when she wakes up, or the sense of failure that will come with it when she realizes what had happened to her.]

((OOC: Tear is back, but unfortunately she once again believes she is a resident of Luceti Valley, albeit younger! For those who weren't around then or don't remember, here is the mod post with the information. And if you need a family tree reminder... message me. o_O))

seventh hymn. [Action]

["You're the only Ion that went to the Cheagle Woods with me!"]

Ion!! [Tear nearly shoots up from her sleeping position, feeling very cold and struggling to breathe properly while her eyes adjusted to the darkness of the early morning. Why? Why would he...? Moments later her head falls into her hands, trying to banish away the nightmare she had just experienced. It was just a dream, a dream and nothing more. Focusing instead on the valley of white flowers she had seen both this evening and the one before her breath slowly begins to steady, only to have her body begin to shake uncontrollably in it's place. 

... Nothing would happen to Ion, she would not allow it. While she didn't recognize the blue-haired girl she'd also seen or the brunette older man, she did recognize the red-haired teenager... No, child. And with each one an overwhelming feeling of loss would wash over her, fueling her shaking...

Later on throughout the day she'll be wandering about the village, doing her share in patrolling the parameters for the beasts she'd heard of. While fresh air did help to quell some of her fear, Tear couldn't stop herself from searching for the faces she dreamed of, hoping to find some explanation.]

♪ sixth hymn. [Action]

[It had been unusual enough when Tear came home from buying ingredients for dinner, and had noticed Cirno was not home. It wasn't like her to just run off without leaving notice, and it left her feeling a little worried. Regardless, she continued about doing her daily chores; hopefully she would come back soon.

... But that was hours ago.

Now that it's gotten so late, she just can't stay put anymore. Grabbing a flashlight and umbrella she'll be going out into the rain, searching through the village frantically and calling out for the ice fairy. And she had no intention of returning to the house until she found her.]

Toue Rei Zue Kuroa Ryuo Toue Zue...

[After spending all this time here, Tear has decided to finally give a go at contacting Nala. With the conditions of some of her friends after their mallynappings, and Natalia's own artes being sealed... She felt that it would be best to have some sort of back-up. Instead of just speaking, she thought it best to attempt using her Fonic Hymns to contact her. However, she's not aware that the journal beside her has flipped open.]

Kuroa Ryuo Zue Toue Ryuo Rei Neu Ryuo Zue... Va Neu Zue Toue Rei Toue Ryuo Toue Kuroa...

[Anyone wandering north of the village is welcome to come across her near Ammy's tree, or to overhear her over the journals and watch her get flustered.]